Tomorrow is a crucial day for opposition-government talks

Tuesday July 19, 2022 - 00:51:12
Hargeisa- Rounds of talks between the opposition party and the ruling parties have failed to lead to an agreement.

Face-to-face dialogue between the two sides was not successful, sources familiar with the talks told Somaliland Daily. The speakers of the two houses of the Parliament, Saleban Mohamoud Adan and Abdirisaq Khalif, who have been mediating the parties, are expected to table their recommendations tomorrow.

The recommendations from the two parliamentary leaders are aimed at saving the dialogue.

If the two leaders of the parliament fail to agree on recommendations or the parties of talks reject them, there is a fear of a breakdown of the dragged talks, which started after the 9 June opposition protests.

The government and the opposition disagree over the sequencing of elections. The ruling party contends that the elections for political parties will take place, whereas the opposition wants the presidential election to take place first.