Somaliland intelligence agency apprehends journalists.

Tuesday January 09, 2024 - 18:35:37
Hargeisa- The National Intelligence Agency of Somaliland detained three journalists with MMTV Somali.

On Sunday night, 6 December 2024, journalists Mohamed Abdi Sheikh, Mohamed Abdi Abdilaahi, and Ilyaas Abdinasir were online moderating X (formerly Twitter) space on the benefits and risks associated with the Somaliland Ethiopia deal where the former granted coastal access to Ethiopia.

According to various sources, the trio were detained by the National Intelligence Agency and are held in a facility held by the intelligence agency.

"We condemn the arrest and request for their unconditional release immediately,” says the Human Rights Centre Somaliland in X post. 

Guleid Ahmed Jama, a human rights activist in Hargeisa, also demanded their release. In X's post, he said: "Detained MMTV journalists are held in a facility run by the National Intelligence Agency of Somaliland, which is contrary to the constitution of Somaliland, the Prison Act, the Police Act and the National Intelligence Agency Act.”

The Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) also condemned the arrest and called it illegal.